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We offer a wide variety of quality cupcakes and cakes, carefully decorated and cooked every day for freshness. Exquisite and high-end gourmet pastries which will raise the standards of any occasion ! Happiness served in small and big bites which will surely charm your guests. We offer a large variety of cupcakes and cakes of quality, decorated carefully and cooked each day for more freshness.

Mille & Un Cupcake is committed in using only natural products and ingredients of
highest quality, with the aim of preserving the authenticity of the flavours. Three great values guide us to achieve this goal !

The family

We cook each cupcake as if it was intended for our very own families, with care and love, and we aim to serve people with the same driven passion.

The « glam »

Grandstanding ! Our classy creations will add this small je-ne-sais-quoi, of tastiness, prestige and remembrance to your event.


Inspired from fashion and publicity which are the fields we originally come from, we pay special attention to how we present our products. They must be simple and sleek.

Our team

Behind her apron, Nelly Furtado hides a career in the marketing and managing field. It is following her achievements in the cosmetic industry that she discovered a passion for ‘what’s beautiful’ and it is through her sweet tooth that earned her, her taste for ‘what’s good.’ Today, it is as a culinary artist that she shows ‘what’s
beautiful’ and ‘what’s good!’

Each of her small creations is a delight for the taste buds and a treat for the eyes; just like a little pice of pleasure placed on the lips! From the very beginning, Mille & Un Cupcake did not stop tasting, icing, sugaring, decorating … with a goal of serving jewels with a heavenly tatse. But especially, to become the fairy godmother of your sweet desires, always ready to carry out the impossible and to customise creations according to your liking and for the important events of your life.

Don’t be shy when you order!

What the media has to say about us

Women and entrepreneurship, a natural bond

Catherine Perrin reçoit Marie-Lise Pilote, qui est également entrepreneure, et Nelly Furtado, propriétaire de la boutique Mille et un cupcake.

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10 best places to eat cupcakes in Montreal

One of key qualities and most appreciated at Mille & Un Cupcake, is that they make each cupcake as if they were intended for their family.

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How to resist this sweet pleasure? It’s been a really long time since I have eaten a cupcake as good as those made by Nelly, the fairy of the small cakes.

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One of key qualities and most appreciated at Mille & Un Cupcake, is that they make each cupcake as if they were intended for their family.

Sweet table  Blainville

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Monday to Wednesday : 10 h to 17 h
Thursday to Friday : 10 h to 19 h
Saturday : 9 h to 17 h
Sunday : 9 h to 15 h

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738 Boul. Curé-Labelle, Suite #104,
Blainville, QC J7C 2K3
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